Simply put, [Shriver’s] Affirmative Litigation training was the best legal training I have ever had. It taught me skills to do this work, revealed strategies for increasing the impact of Legal Aid work, and inspired me to press on with the mission for social change.
- Jason Dodson, Legal Services of Eastern Missouri 

[Shriver’s] degree of preparation, knowledge and insight is evident in the quality training, resources and connections. And that's what keeps me coming back.  
- Peter Coulumbe, Greater Boston Legal Services


It is important to know that we are part of a group of people that extend beyond the boundaries of our own organizations and encompass all of us who work for legal aid!  
- Evangelino Castillo, Community Legal Services of Mid-Florida  

I will continue to take lessons learned thorugh the retreats and apply them and look back at them for years to come.  
- Leslie Powell, Legal Services of North Florida  

At Shriver trainings I never feel uncomfortable. We’re all speaking the same language and we have the same basic values. Everyone speaks and everybody participates, all because the program is put on in such a non-threatening way.  
- Nadine Nevins, Connecticut Legal Services 

For me, the most helpful part of Basic Lawyering Skills was the deliberate and organized way we were taught to examine what we do at the different stages of the lawyer-client relationship. The training focused on the essence of what lawyers do on a daily basis, the aspect of my job that is easy to take for granted.  
- Kirk Eicher-Miller, Indiana Legal Services 

Training is the most rewarding experience I have in my professional career. I can always learn something new from the group and other trainers; I find myself returning from a training more energized and renewed about my work.  
- Jim Breslauer, Neighborhood Legal Services  

The training was great. It fortified my love for the job and the fact that this is what I want to do with my life.  
- Rene Raymond, Bay Area Legal Services