The fight against racism is at the heart of the fight against poverty in America.

It is more important than ever for equal justice advocates to understand and address issues of race, implicit bias, and how to affirmatively advance racial equity.

The Racial Justice Training Institute (RJTI) is a groundbreaking national leadership program, rooted in a commitment to race-equity as an integral and essential part of anti-poverty advocacy. We believe in the power of legal aid attorneys, public interest lawyers, and community-based leaders to acheive real change.

RJTI puts race front and center in the fight for equal justice. We address the impact of structural racialization in housing, education, employment, healthcare, and more, and ensure that race is considered foremost in our efforts to eradicate poverty in the communities we serve.

Entering its fourth year, RJTI has cultivated 119 advocates from 59 organizations in 22 states. Our fellows emerge from the program ready to help shape policies and build the future for a racially just society.