Frequently Asked Questions

Who facilitates the Shriver Center trainings?

TraineeOur full-time staff of experienced legal aid lawyers work closely with expert volunteers to design and deliver high-quality, replicable training programs. In the past six years, over 185 attorneys and training specialists have offered their skills, experience, and enthusiasm to Shriver Center trainings. View a list of faculty for the Affirmative Litigation training in winter 2012 for an example of the faculty we organize for a typical training.

I am an Executive Director. Why should I send my staff to a Shriver Center training?

As a national leader in legal aid advocacy, the Shriver Center provides innovative, skills-based trainings grounded in an equal justice framework. Our programs offer concrete, measurable objectives and access to a larger community, enabling advocates to develop the skills and capacity that will motiviate success long after a training concludes. Law firms know that training and investing in lawyers is crucial to their practice—poverty law attorneys need the same.

I can go state bar association trainings for free. Why should I choose a Shriver Center training?

State bar trainings are rarely, if ever, geared towards equal justice advocates and instructed by those accomplished in the field. Shriver Center trainings provide a centralized place where resources can be developed and disseminated, promoting an exchange of skills and ideas that are unique to the equal justice community. 

Does the Shriver Center offer regional trainings?

The Shriver Center offers a series of national training courses each year in addition to providing state-based or regional trainings, predominantly through the learning communities model. If you are interested in bringing a training to your organization or state, contact the Training Department.

What sort of technology does the Shriver Center use in its training courses?

The Shriver Center uses a diverse range of teaching methods and online tools to facilitate adult learning, including an online campus, webinars, conference calls, PowerPoint presentations, and interactive forums. Our easy-to-use, cutting-edge technology leads the field in online learning and allows participants to walk away with an expansive toolbox of reference materials and ideas.

What are the technical requirements for taking a course? Do I need advanced computer skills?

No. You will be fine. The Shriver Center's interactive, online campus takes participants step-by-step through each activity, providing written and spoken tutorials and individual technical assistance. You can access the online campus with a Windows or Apple computer.

Are scholarships available?

Although we do not offer scholarships, we strive to make our courses affordable to a wide range of advocates. Organizations sending more than three advocates to a single training are eligible for additional price reductions. The skills and networking opportunities you will gain from participating in a course are well worth the price. Just ask our former participants.

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