If you have ever wanted to ask our authors about their articles or their work, here is your chance. We host a monthly live chat via Google+ Hangouts on Air to introduce our authors to our readers. These half-hour lunchtime conversations allow readers to get to know our authors and interact with them in a casual setting.


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Are Green Jobs a Pathway out of Poverty?

Other recent hangouts:

What’s the Difference Between Social Security and SSI?

with Kate Lang

Fighting Poverty and Advancing Racial Justice in a New Political Landscape

with John Bouman, Marie Claire Tran-Leung, & Andrew Hammond

Supreme Court Recap: Federal Court Access Decisions from an Eight-Member SCOTUS

with Gill Deford, Jane Perkins, Gary Smith, and Mona Tawatao

Making the Case for Community Lawyering

with Taylor Healy & Aja Taylor

Making the Grade: State Options for Education in TANF Programs

with Ken Smith

What Does the Affordable Care Act Have to Do with the Criminal Justice System?

with Sarah Somers, Jennie Sutcliffe, & Katy Welter

20 Years After Welfare Reform: What’s Next?

with Marc Cohan, Anne Erickson, Elizabeth Lower-Basch, Wendy Pollack, & Jim Weill

A Lawyer in the Library

with Amy Petkovsek

Here's a Tip: Advancing a Living Wage for Restaurant Workers

with Saru Jayaraman & Evelyn Rangel-Medina

Hacking For Justice: Legal Aid & Tech Collaborations

with Aurora Martin & Miguel Willis

Legal Services Alchemy: Turning Volume into Impact

with Lee Richardson, Jason Auer, & Kevin De Liban

Uncharted Waters: Making Water Affordable in Philadelphia

with Robert Ballenger & Thu Tran

Due Process & Public-Benefits Notices from State Agencies: What's Required?

with Ty Jones and Sovereign Hager

What Process Is Due in a "Modernized" Public Benefits System?

with Gina Mannix, Marc Cohan, Greg Bass, & Kristen Dama

What Did the U.S. Supreme Court Say About Access to the Federal Courts?

with Gill Deford, Jane Perkins, Gary Smith, and Mona Tawatao

But I Thought My Criminal Record Was Expunged? Background Screeners & Zombie Records

with Sharon Dietrich

Community Lawyering to Seize the Power of Public Participation

with Richard Marcantonio & Sam Tepperman-Gelfant

Affirmative Advocacy Through Technology: The HelpHub Model

with Stephani Becker

Can We Break the Cycle of Police-Civilian Conflict?

with Jamie Price & Megan Price

Attracting Media Coverage: Pitching, Messaging, & Storytelling

with Voices for Civil Justice

Work Schedules That Work

with Sherry Leiwant & Shawn Sebastian

Human Trafficking Laws as a Tool to Advance Workers' Rights

with Stacie Jonas & Spring Miller

Clearing Criminal Records at San José State University

with Peggy Stevenson & Rochelle Rotea

The 2014 Poverty Scorecard

with Dan Lesser

Collecting on Judgments for Low-Wage Workers

with Michael Hollander

Housing & Domestic Violence Collaborations

with Kate Walz & Monica McLaughlin

Affirmative Advocacy in Legal Aid

with John Bouman

Payday Lending Myth Busting

with Ron Elwood