Here at the Shriver Center we strongly believe in community engagement and partnership. Through our National Law & Policy Dialogues in various cities across the country, our top Shriver Center advocates connect with other policy makers and community members to share and discuss best practices on key anti-poverty topics. Exploring important national, regional, and local perspectives, these meaningful conversations and forums help shape policy and action to support and advance the lives of individuals and families with low-incomes. We hope you will bring your ideas and experiences to the table when we have a Dialogue in your community.

An archive of recent dialogues is available below. In addition, recordings of most of our dialogues are available on our YouTube channel. If you would like to keep apprised of upcoming dialogues and other opportunities, please subscribe to our free newsletter, Clearinghouse Community News


Most recent dialogue:

Equitable Access to Educational Opportunities

Other recent dialogues:

Workplaces That Work for Women and Their Families