Issues and Challenges

  • Hilliard Homes, credit stock of affordable housing, particularly federally assisted housing, is declining, and state and local governments lack funds to build new housing.
  • Affordable housing is further at risk because some residents and local governments do not want it in their neighborhoods.
  • Foreclosures disproportionately affect minority communities and lower income people, including renters.
  • People with criminal records are frequently denied rental housing or evicted.
  • Survivors of violence who are renters are vulnerable to illegal practices--admission denial, eviction, discrimination.

Policy Agenda

  • Partner with low-income tenants, tenant associations, community organizations, and public entities to preserve affordable housing and promote fair housing. 
  • Challenge the loss of federal housing.
  • Promote policies to protect low-income tenants from displacement, housing conversion, and unfair treatment.
  • Challenge municipal policies that oppose affordable housing or reduce available affordable housing.
  • Improve policies to protect renters and homeowners from foreclosure.
  • Enhance policies and laws to protect the housing rights of people with criminal records.
  • Protect the housing rights of survivors of violence.