Issues and Challenges

  • Girl receiving health careAttempts to repeal, dilute, or defund the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act on the federal level are ongoing.
  • Some in Congress would reduce federal funds for Medicaid.
  • Many people eligible for coverage are not enrolled or are needlessly disenrolled, and states are challenged to administer health insurance fairly and efficiently.

Policy Agenda

  • Promote innovations on better care and greater efficiency with public funds.
  • Campaign to create a competitive health care marketplace in Illinois.
  • Streamline insurance enrollment, building on the Shriver Center's children's enrollment toolkit for community groups.
  • Fund and implement the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act fully and effectively.
  • Preserve or increase federal matching funding for Medicaid.
  • Keep the open-ended structure of Medicaid matching funds to the states.
  • Continue to work as lead counsel on the court's mandate in Memisovski v. Maram that Illinois provide children access to primary and specialty care and to the same extent as for kids with private insurance.
  • Defend the Illinois public coverage programs from budget and ideological cuts.