Elev8 Chicago logoElev8 is a national effort that unites schools, families, and other community partners to provide an array of services designed to ensure that every student succeeds in middle school, high school, and beyond. A full-service community school model, Elev8 builds on core elements that research has clearly linked with student acheivement and success.

In Chicago, Elev8 seeks to transform the educational achievement and life outcomes of middle school students in five Chicago schools: Ames, Marquette, Orozco, Perspectives, and Reavis. Elev8 seeks to:

  • extend the school day with afternoon, weekend, and summer programs;
  • create an on-site, adolescent-focused health clinic in each school;
  • provide social supports, including public benefits screening for families, mentoring, and help with high school placement;
  • mobilize parent and community leaders to accelerate change and promote advocacy; and
  • advocate for policies that support similar comprehensive programs in other schools, locally and nationally.

Elev8 Chicago is led by the Local Initiatives Support Corporation's Chicago office (LISC Chicago), which organizes capital and other resources to support healthy, stable neighborhoods. Working in conjunction with LISC/Chicago, the Shriver Center works to raise awareness among parents and communities of the need for federal, state, and local support for integrated schools that include extended-day programming, on-site health care and benefits support to families. The Shriver Center also engages in policy advocacy to develop sustainable funding sources for programs in the Elev8 Chicago demonstration schools and other schools with similar programming.