Issues and Challenges

  • Federal and state budgets and taxes have been severely challenged by the Great Recession.  We support a balanced approach to resolving the crisis, combining care on the spending side with needed enhancements on the revenue side.
  • Illinois's new Budgeting for Results initiative must be carefully implemented.  It opens opportunities for change but also threatens key programs.

Policy Agenda

  • CashRaise the federal debt ceiling without using it as a hostage on federal budget issues. The nation's credit standing can and does affect low-income people and communities..
  • Maintain national investments in education, job training, health care, human services, and job creation, and protect entitlements and ensure that their benefits are adequate.
  • Improve the adequacy and fairness of the federal revenue system.
  • Support a balanced approach to deficit reduction so that investments and entitlements are protected and enhanced. 
  • During the annual state budget process, establish and protect priorities for low-income people and communities, and ensure that the state takes full advantage of all revenue opportunities. 
  • Fight to ensure that the choices made by state and federal governments do not shortchange key investments or supports for people who are unable to work or to find work.