The Secure Choice Savings Program

The Illinois Secure Choice Savings Program is a simple, safe, low-cost solution that will help private-sector workers save for retirement.
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An Assets Agenda for the States. Despite state budget crises, opportunities exist on the state level to create asset building policies and programs. This paper endeavors to examine current state asset building efforts with an eye toward examining those policies and priorities that are emerging as trends in this challenging economic environment.

Remittances. Over the last decade, the remittance market has undergone significant changes including decreases in remittance fees, the entry of mainstream banks into the industry, and new regulations regarding disclosures and disputes.

Electronic Benefits Cards. Over the past 20 years, electronic benefit transfers have replaced paper checks for the delivery of public assistance benefits.

Small Dollar Lending. Short-term, small dollar loans are often a temporary necessity for many consumers trying to make ends meet. Unfortunately, the current market is primarily limited to payday loans.

Alternative Credit Reporting. Will including a more diverse range of data in credit reports help bring the approximately 70 million people without a credit file or with a thin file into the credit mainstream? What is the impact of alternative credit reporting on low- and moderate-income families?

Racial Wealth Gap. Although legal discrimination has ended, many current government policies have the effect of promoting further wealth building by those who already possess significant assets.

Children's Savings Accounts. An investment in universal children’s accounts, like investments in early childhood education and healthcare, will produce huge long-term returns for children and for society.